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Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I currently work at Richard Montgomery High School where I teach high school chemistry. I moved to Maryland from Massachusetts in August of 97. For my first two year in Maryland I taught chemistry at Westlake High School.

I grew up in Massachusetts - in a town called Otter River (that is an hour west of Boston). Otter River is a small town which is part of Templeton, where I went to high school at Narragansett Regional High School. To give you some idea how small the district is I graduated with a total of 90 students. It is a pretty quite town with not a lot of action, but I liked growing up there.

After I graduated high school I attended Framingham State College, where I received my bachelor's degree in chemistry. After Framingham State I received my master's degree in chemistry at Tufts University and received certification to teach high school chemistry. I guess you could say that I sort of like chemistry.

In my spare time (when I have some) I enjoy listening to music, taking walks, reading, doing crafts and being with my niece and nephew . (Unfortunately they live TOO far away.) I did get to go to their elementary school a few years ago and presented chemistry demonstration to their classes. The kids really enjoyed it and so did I. I was able to do my favorite demonstration THE GLOWING PICKLE. I was enjoy playing with my computer and checking out the web. Here are a few of my FAVORITE web sights, check them out.

The Wicked Good Guide to Boston English -a lot of people say I talk this way
The Muppets Home Page - especially the songs
Ansel Adams Page - I love his photographs
I Want to Be Six Again - something worth reading

You can e-mail me if you would like at L9395082@erols.com

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